The original Taiji Jing Xiu Tang was established in 2002 by Master Zhou Zhongfu in Shanghai, China. The objective that Master Zhou had, was to enrich people’s lives, principally through the teaching of traditional Wu style Taiji, but also through the teaching of the traditional Chinese cultural arts, such as the playing of traditional Chinese instruments, calligraphy, Chinese tea art etc.

Since then, Master Zhou’s students have started teaching around the world, in countries as far afield as Greece, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom. In 2014, Master Zhou established the Taiji Jing Xiu Tang Union, with the aim of bringing together these separate schools, so that they could support each other, and so that the aims of Taiji Jing Xiu Tang could be better fulfilled by working together in unison, rather than by working separately. Master Zhou also decided to maintain an open door policy, so that like minded groups could feel welcome to join in our activities and become part of the family.