Master Zhou Zhongfu’s father Master Zhou Qingxian, and teacher Master Fei Guoqing, were both 4th generation Wu style Taiji masters; both disciples of the respected Grandmaster Ma Yueliang. Master Zhou Zhongfu learnt from his father, and started his practice from a young age. He has systematically mastered the techniques and theories that are embodied in Wu Style Taijiquan, both with and without weapons. He is proficient and skilled with Taiji weapons as well as push hands, with practical application being one of his particular strengths.

Since he started teaching Taiji, he has been invited to teach by numerous large international corporations, and his students have gone on to win numerous awards at Taiji competitions.
Master Zhou Zhongfu, along with his disciples and students in both China and worldwide, continues to dedicate his time and energy to pass on the knowledge and skill of Wu style Taijiquan to those that have an interest to learn.
  • Creator of Taiji Jing Xiu Tang
  • 5th Generation Master of Wu Style Taijiquan
  • Chinese Wu Shu 6th Duan holder
  • Wu Style Taiji and Push Hands Champion
  • General Secretary of the Shanghai Jianquan Taijiquan Association